Life has me back

Photos by Jennifer Zehl

Hello, loves! You can't imagine how wonderful the feeling of waking up the morning after finals week is. It was a very challenging 6th semster with tons of work, ups, downs, laughs and tears. Especially the day before we had to turn in all of our assignments was CRAZY. By mistake all our footnotes were gone from a 50 page paper and we had already return all the books to the library so we spent the entire day saving our work somehow in order not to fail. Plus we had to study for an exam which also took place the following day. I can tell you, I am exhausted and my skin suffered a lot from the stress.
Nevertheless, on friday at 12pm all exams were written and all assignments turned in so I am free now. Life has me back. I feel super relieved and ready to enjoy every minute of my break. I am looking forward to sleeping in, reading books for fun, doing sports, working on my blog of course and meeting friends.

Last night I was helping out at the graduate's fashion show from my college. I wasn't able to take good quality pictures for the blog as I was working but you find a snapshots on instagram;) After the show I went to the birthday party of a dear friend of mine where I met some new nice girls! Happy Birthday again, my love!

A new friend of mine is Jennifer who is a photographer (make sure to check out her facebook and website!) and took these gorgeous pictures. I have never worked with a professional photographer before so I was a little nervous but everything went very relaxed. Jennifer is such an open and fun person that it didn't feel like work for a minute! We also have two more outfits  to come so stay tuned!;)

What makes today's outfit so striking are the luxurious materials. The skirt I found for an unbelievably low sale price is made from super smooth and soft lambleather. I am sure this is a piece for a lifetime! The blouse is from last year's limited premium collection by H&M and made from silk. Silk blouses are my favorite! They are soft, feminine and the material controls your skin temperature. You nearly never sweat in silk because it cools you in the summer and warms you in the winter. It is a natural wonder material!

Leather skirt: All Saints (shop here)
Silk blouse: H&M Premium
Ring: Swarovski
Booties: Buffalo (shop here)
Tights: Falke (shop here)


  1. schöne fotos & outfits zeigst du hier auf deinem blog, besonders das letzte foto von diesem post gefällt mir! deinen blog setz ich auf meine merkliste :)


  2. Wunderhübsches Mädchen :)

    Ganz lieben Gruß,
    Lotta von mein Lottaleben

  3. super hübsch. toller blog <3
    xo duygu

  4. Tooooolles Outfi!!
    Und deine Haar sind einfach traumhaft schön!



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