In a city rush

Photos by Jennifer Zehl

Happy Sunday, guys! It is early in the morning as I am writing this and I am on my way back to Düsseldorf. I spent the past week at my boyfriend's which was super duper lazy. He lives in a rather small and boring town which always reminds me how lucky I am that I grew up and live in a fairly big city. I mean, some people like to live in a quiet place which is okay but it is nothing for me (yet?). I like that all the fun, restaurants, bars, clubs, museums, boutiques and so on are just a footstep out the door away. 
Nevertheless I am very homely. Some sundays I just have to stay in because the city gets too much for me. I get around town by train and bus most of the time which can be annoying and exhausting. But for now I am glad to get back to all the exciting possibilities a city has to offer.

This outfit is the second one that was shot by my friend Jennifer (Facebook). Again I am wearing my favorite coat of the season in pastel pink but this time a little more cool with my biker jeans I also love! Well, off to a new stylish week in the big city;)

Coat: Zara
Biker Jeans: Zara
Cashmere Sweater: Manor
Clutch: Coccinelle
Necklace: Zara
Booties: Bufallo


  1. die kombination aus kette und mantel ist toll...sher elegnat <3
    kunterbunte Küsschen

  2. Ein wirklich hübsches Outfit. Dein Blog gefällt mir übrigens sehr gut...ich habe bisher kaum Blogger gefunden, die auch aus Düsseldorf kommen :).

    Liebste Grüße

    1. Danke Dir!
      Dann sollte man mal ein Bloggertreffen in Düsseldorf veranstalten;)

  3. Tolle Bilder!
    Du hast echt schöne Haare :)


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