Of Teeth and Eggs

 Photos by Jennifer Zehl

Happy weekend, lovelys! The past week was a hard one for me. I already told you in last week's post that I had my wisdom teeth removed. There I wrote that I was feeling great with no pain at all and that I will sure be back in the saddle very soon...well, things changed. The pain came three days late and how it came! My entire head hurt so much that I wasn't able to sleep for a minute the night from Sunday to Monday. So then I got stronger painkillers from the doctor which knocked me out additionally. My whole body is messed up from all the toxic stuff in them. Now, eight days after surgery, I am still in pain sometimes and also weak from laying in bed an entire week. Today I left the house for the first time (except the visits at the doctor's). The sun was out giving a soft light to everything. Just beautiful!

Although it wasn't that cold out I was careful and bundled up in a chunky turtle neck in this egg-shape coat. This cut became super trendy this year and I am sure it will still be next fall. In general the silhouettes are (and will be for a while) with a voluminous top and slim buttom like all the bulky sweatshirts and faux furs combined with skinnys and leggings.

On Tuesday we will be shooting an exciting project with a fashion related exhabition. I am thrilled! Can you guess which one it is?


Egg-shape coat: Promod
Turtle neck sweater: Zara
slacks: H&M
Boots: Bufallo
Scarf: Beck Söndergaard
Bag: MCM
Bangles: H&M

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  1. You look so pretty on these pictures *_*

    Yours Celine


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