Delicate Affairs

Today we are going to talk about fashion that usually not a lot of people see. Due to that reason lingerie is often times underestimated. Many people don't put thought into their underwear and tend to buy the cheapest they can get. Again, because no one will see anyways.

But once you have started to appreciate good quality lingerie you do not want to miss it anymore. It gives you confidence, strength and you have the feeling you are spoiling yourself. I mean, of course there are days when you just want to put on your cotton undies and be done with it but when you have an important meeting where you want to convince people, the right lingerie can give you that extra tiny bit of confidence you need. This might sound ridiculous but believe me. Just try it and spoil yourself with good-quality underwear next time.

I recently got this super delicate lace bra by COS which is adorable. It follows the recent trend of non-padded/non-push-up bras (sorry guys) that therefore keep the natural shape of the breast. The lace is so pretty that you can even have it stick out from your shirt on purpose or wear it under a see-through top.


  1. also so einen bh könnte ich nicht tragen ;D der ist ja nicht "unterstützend" oder ??:DD

    1. Ja da hast du Recht. Solche sind nur was für kleine Oberweite!;)

  2. Wow sieht toll aus. Ich hab auch so etwas in der Art, aber jeden Tag könnte ich das nicht tragen (dann lieber ohne :D). Mich kratzt das immer so.

    LG Katharina

  3. Ich find den wirklich toll, nur ich denk, dass sie mir nicht den richtigen halt geben würden :/

    Liebe Grüße
    ♡ Katharina

  4. aaaw, der spitzenbh ist mega nice!! <3



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