Perfection lies in the Details: Tea Time

When my siblings and I were little we thought that having a teatime was so much fun, we wanted to have one everyday. And we got our will! Since I can remember getting together in the afternoon, usually at about 5 o'clock, for a nice cup of tea is part of my everyday life. Nowadays mostly on sundays as everyone has so much going on during the week but still it is a great ritual. Everyone comes together and we can just chat away in a casual and comfy atmosphere.

My entire family consists of tea drinkers - to be more precise, black tea drinkers. We prefere plain black teas without any added flavors. Just tea.
Some days we get those fine petits fours from the confisserie Heinemann, which is in my opinion the best in the area. They are truly devine!
And doesn't the table just look pretty? I can get so excited about nice china and silverware. It makes me so happy to sit at a nicely set table because this just makes the difference. It's the details!

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