Candy Girl

Photos by Jennifer Zehl

Good morning, beauties! It won't stop raining this weekend here in Düsseldorf but fortunately we took these photos the week before last already.
Today's post is about how to combine colours well in one outfit so that it'll suit your type. In order to do so you might find the Edelight Colour Guide helpful.

The colour guide defines 4 different colour types: the noble summer type, the opposed winter type, the fresh spring type and the flexible autumn type. I would consider myself rather a fresh spring type as light, warm colours suit me best while dirty grey and earth shades make me look pale and sick. Furthermore the fact that strong contrasts (worst case scenario: black and white!) don't look good on me and that I pick gold jewellery over silver jewellery is typical for a spring type. Go ahead and find out which type you are!

Today's outfit is perfect for me colourwise with the light green, pale pink and beige. Additionally green and pink are complementary colours so that the combination is very pleasant for the eye. 
The COS top is very special I think. It is inspired by the currend sportswear trend as the square cut-outs remind you of the mesh fabric of sport jerseys. The colour adds femininity of course and the transparency a little sexyness.
In general I find the outfit very playful and therefore the little jump at the beginning;)

One major rule when it comes to combining colours is that you should not wear more than 3 colours in one outfit. Otherwise it will look very unbalanced. In the Edelight Colour Guide you will find more Dos & Don'ts, meanings of certain colours, which body type you are and how colours and patterns can help you emphazise your assets and hide your problem areas. Have fun finding out more!

Top: COS
Skirt: Choies
Bag: Zara
Ring: Topshop
Earrings: Konplott
Shoes: Tommy Hilfiger


  1. wow - eines der schönsten outfits seit langem - du siehst toll aus. die farben sind richtig schön und stehen dir perfekt. die bilder sind ebenfalls absolut super.

    vreeni von freak in you

    ps: enter the contest: look of the month

  2. LOOVIN this whole outfit, the pastel colors mixed perfectly together and looks gorgeous on u Xx
    Following u via Bloglovin and Instagram
    Hope u can add me back


  3. These pictures are adorable! :-)


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