Photos by Jennifer Zehl

Happy sunday, my loves! I am very excited to share with you these pictures of me wearing this royal blue look. What a colour this is! So brilliant, vibrant and full of life.
Being a little nerd I remember from my costume history class that royal blue is called that because in the middle ages cloths were dyed blue with the help of the very expensive gem lapis lazuli. Therefore only kings and queens were able to afford blue clothing and the name "royal blue" remained until today.

Nowadays fashion is democratzed though which is great I think. (Almost) Anybody can dress the way he or she wants to dress. This gives us so much freedom. Back in the middle ages there were laws that forbid certain professions or guilds to wear certain styles of clothes or colours. Those laws became even more important when the bourgeoisie finally rose and was now able to afford the same garments the kings wore. The royals felt so threatened by the way the dressed. You see how much power fashion has. Well, so much for our little costume history lesson today;)

The colour isn't only royal I think the whole dress I was wearing has something royal. I think Catherine Dutchess of Cambridge could definately work it at a public event. It's neither too short nor does it show too many curves. Prince Harry is back on the market since last week by the way. I'd have the dress already so he'll just need to find me, I guess.

 Dress: Promod
Clutch: Secondhand
Shoes: Zign via Zalando
Earrings: Accessorize
Ring: Swarovski


  1. Sweet pictures and a great look - beautiful color! :)

    Auf Wolke 3

  2. Super schön und tolle Farbe <3

    Liebe Grüße
    ♡ Katharina

  3. oh wow, du siehst so toll aus! Du hast so schöne Augen *-* <3

  4. wow - ich bin völlig begeistert von diesem tollen Outfit und deinem wunderschönen Blog! Bin dein neuster Fan!

    LG, Theri -


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