What to do in Zürich

Good morning, sunshines! Today I would like to show you some impressions from Zürich. No, most of the pictures aren't edited at all. It actually looked like this.

Zürich is the biggest city of Switzerland with over 1 million people living in the metropolitan area. It is the not only the financial and economic center of the country but is also reknown worldwide as a lot of influencial banks and businesses have their headquarters there. Zürich is unfortunately the most expensive city in the world though. It tries to hide behind a cute facade but if you are attentive you can feel that everything in this city is about money - how to make it, how to spend it and how to make even more by doing that.

Nevertheless I feel very much at home there. Living by a lake is just priceless. The Limmat which is the river going through Zürich is the second lifeline during the summer. As I mentioned in my last post, everyones's drawn to the water, sunbathing, swimming, sailing and picknicking. I had such a relaxed time.

Here are some tipps on what to do while in Zürich:

1. Restaurant

I can warmly recommend the UTO KULM on the Uetliberg. We didn't eat there this time but during my visit in December. The Uetliberg is the highest hill in Zürich, therefore you have a great view over the city. A must! The food is delicious and made from mostly local products. A main dish is around 45 CHF.

2. Café

My favorite café so far is Péclard in Niederdorf. They offer delicate macarons, tartes and chocolates but also small meals. There are differently themed rooms, the main ones being the Café Colonial and the Salon Rouge. The style is not everyone's taste but I love the old fashioned interior design. 

3. Drinks

The Rimini is a super cool place in the summer. It is an outdoor bar located at the Limmat river so that you can go swimming while enjoying some drinks. I loved it!

Another cool bar (especially if the wheather isn't for swimming) is the Jules Verne Bar in a former observatory. Through the panorama windows of this little tower you have a great view over Zürich. Very unique!

4. Party

Saturday night we went to the Mascotte which is located super central at Bellevue. We had a very fun night at this rather small club. The clientele was a little older than we are so that we were like "Oh, when this song was popular I wasn't even born." but it was actually nice to not have too many teenagers around (sorry!). Entry was 20 CHF.

5. Cruise over the Zürisee to Rapperswil

This is the classic tour if you want to take a cruise over the lake. Rapperswil is a pretty little town basically on the other end of the lake where you can visit the cute castle, have lunch and stroll around nice little shops. 

6. Bahnhofstrasse

Do I need to say a lot here?! Bahnhofstrasse is the shopping mile of Zürich starting at the main station and going all the way down to the lake. On the first part of the street you will find regular stores like Mango, H&M, Zara and so on but the closer you get to the lake the more expensive the stores will get. Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton - you name it. Apart from fashion the Bahnhofstrasse is also known for its exclusive jewelers like Chopard, Cartier and Bulgari. Definately make sure to stop by the high-class department stores Globus and Jelmoli. They have a selected range of very nice brands, plus the visual merchandising is great.
Midway through Bahnhofstrasse you will find the Paradeplatz where all the banks have their headquarters. 

7. Sights

Some sights you will hit while walking through Zürich are the Grossmünster (cathedral), the Alfred Escher monument, Bürkliplatz and Bürkliterasse, Sechseläutenplatz and the Fraumünster (church). The highlight in the Fraunmünster is the church window designed by Marc Chagall.

With the Polybahn from Central you reach the impressive ETH and university buildings within 3 minutes. From the Polyterrasse you have an amazing view over Zürich's oldtown.

Niederdorf is an old neighborhood that stretches along the Limmat quai. Its pretty little alleys are pedestrian areas and lined with small shops, bars and restaurants. You'll find Zürich's nightlife here too.

8. Souvenirs

What do you bring home to your loved one's from Zürich? For me the answer is Luxemburgerli for sure. I got them last minute at the Sprüngli store at the airport this time which was perfect as you have to eat those little macarons as soon as possible. There are Sprüngli stores literally everywhere around the downtown area of Zürich though.


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