I'm a Swiss Girl

 Photos by René Scherer

Yes, I am Swiss. I have a Swiss passport and although I have never lived in my Grandma's homecountry I am proud to have a little Swiss DNA in me. Having grown up in Germany I feel 99% German though of course. 
You might say that there is not a big difference between the two countries but I think every German living in Switzerland (or vice versa) will agree that there is. Obviously it's not like comparing a European country to an Asian one but still. There are little cultural discrepancies as well as prejudices on both sides that can lead to tension from time to time. Especially the language is a hot topic I learned. I won't go on here because you can only loose in this discussion and my Swiss friends will hate me;)
I like Switzerland more and more everytime I visit. Having family and friends there makes it feel like a home away from home really.

These pictures were taken by the Zürisee. Unfortunately the wheather was pretty dull that morning but still warm so that I was able to pull off my new perfect white dress. It's a little retro with the shirt collar and would fit perfectly into a Grace Kelly movie, don't you think?

It was the first time I tried orange lipstick and looking at the pictures I must say I like it. I never thought I would but I do. 

Well, the week is half-way done, so stay focused just a little longer everyone!

Dress: Zara
Shoes: Tommy Hilfiger
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac
Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Watch: Emporio Armani

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