Patricia for MARC CAIN

Photos by Jennifer Zehl

Good morning, my loves! I am very excited to finally share with you the first look of my collaboration with Marc Cain.

Marc Cain is a German brand that I have been liking for a quite long time now but being a student I could unfortunately never afford an entire outfit. I used to go to Peek & Cloppenburg and other department stores and try on their beautiful looks just for the fun of it. Therefore I feel so blessed that I am now able to show you parts of Marc Cain's spring/summer collection here on Rebel Rose.

A few words about Marc Cain first. The brand stands for a feminine and natural style that compliments every women. The idea is to create coordinate looks that do not feel too perfectly put together but consist of individual statement pieces that blend together. The materials, the manifacture as well as the fittings are beautifully made. The main reason for the high quality is probably the fact that Marc Cain has its production sites in Germany as well as other European countries. I think that is so great in times of outsourcing everything to the most distant places to save 2 cents.

Now to the first look. The hotpants as well as the coat make me think of the 70s. The sexual revolution was in progress and women stated their new freedom by showing off their legs. I think we can be very thankful for the women of the time who fought for what is so naturally to us today.  
To be able to wear those tiny pants during the winter season designers created maxi coats, like this one by Marc Cain, being longer than the pants itself. The pants are made of a super soft jersey material so that it adds an easy-breezy casual element to the outfit. All in all I felt very comfortable that day, partly due to the happy colour combination. Wearing yellow and blue is really becoming one of my favorites!

What do you think about this look?

Total look by Marc Cain

Bag: Rebecca Minkoff
Shoes: Tommy Hilfiger


  1. Gefällt mir sehr gut =) Ich persönlich hätte vermutlich eher ein weißes oder lindgrünes Hemd gewählt, aber ich finde, die Kombi steht dir super, besonders das sanfte Gelb zu deinem Teint ist toll =)

    1. Danke dir:) Ja, Weiß oder Grün sähe sicher auch gut dazu aus!

  2. Das dritte Bild von dir ist wirklich schön, mir gefällt die Kombi aus Shorts und Bluse besonders gut. Entspricht auch irgendwie sehr meinem Bild von Marc Cain, klassisch und leicht :)

    Liebe Grüße
    Carla von


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