Sporty Elegance

 Photos by Jennifer Zehl

Good morning, sweeties! Today I have the third outfit from my collaboration with Marc Cain for you. I freaked out last week when I was invited to their show at Berlin Fashion Week. Yep, I'll spend a day in Berlin as their guest and I already know that they have a very special day planned but that's still a secret;) I can't believe where my little baby Rebel Rose is taking me! Stay tuned!

Today's outfit has two statement pieces - the pantskirt and the leather jacket. Pantskirts were created around 1900 for women to ride bikes or go hiking while wearing pants was still prohibited. In the 1960s they had a huge revival but then got somehow forgotten around the 90s. But why? Pantskirts are such a unique piece of garment. They represent a sporty chic style at its best. You can move as you want as you are wearing pants but still have the feminine and elegant look of a skirt. I think this is especially perfect for travelling!
The second statement piece is the jacket. When I saw it in pictures and still when I first got it I thought it was made from cloth but no, it's made from leather. Little strips of leather in three different colours are woven like a fabric. It's insane! This is so special and luxurious. I feel so spoiled!

Total look by Marc Cain

Shoes: Mango
Bag: Secondhand

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  1. Sweet pictures and a great look - amazing pants! :)

    Auf Wolke 3


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