Take me to Paradise

Photos by Jennifer Zehl

Happy Sunday, my loves! Do these pictures want you to pack your things and escape to paradise, too? Unfortunately these pictures were only taken in greenhouse but I would give almost anything right now to travel to a place that is green and peaceful like that. Being out in nature puts everything into perspective and you realize how small you and your troubles really are. Therefore we all should get away sometimes. This summer I will not be able to travel but I have a huge trip planned for October I will tell you about soon when everything is fix.

My outfit is Africa inspired with its joyful leaf print. I am a huge fan of those coordinates, or "co-ords" as the cool kids call them, that are trendy at the moment. Coordinates are matching pieces, mostly pants/skirt with a blazer in business and occasional wear, but there are new interpretations like my "jungle suit" as I like to call it. No matter which print or style you choose for your coordinate you can definately not be shy as they are very much in-the-face.

Coordinate: H&M
Sandals: Barachini
Earrings: Accessorize


  1. Wow die Bilder sind wahnsinnig schön geworden (:

  2. Great co-ords and cool photos too! Nice blog, I've just discovered it. ELL x


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