Beach Babe

Good morning, beauties! I am pretty late picking up the TRIANGL swimwear trend but I had to argue with myself for a while if ordering a bikini from Australia is neccessary. And yes, guys, it is neccessary! For those of you who don't know the brand: Triangl was found by Kim DelMonico and her fincé Craig Ellis when she couldn't find a bikini she liked after their second date at the beach. How cute is that?! Triangl currently only uses neoprene for their collection which not only looks very modern and structured but is also comfortable and made for an entire day of swimming, sunbathing and running around at the beach. And it's true. For some reason these little pieces of fabric shapen your body.
I have had this silk tunic by Hallhuber for years but I always get it out in the summer to throw it over my Bikini. Just perfect!

Well we don't have the ocean in Düsseldorf but we have the little beach at the Medienhafen where we shot these pictures.There was heavy summer rain right before so that we almost had to cancel but we wanted to do it. So I was the only person at the beach in swimwear while everyone else was in their hoodies. But actually the water was really warm from the hot days before. The wheather in general is killing me at the moment. It is mostly grey, hot and humid. On Sunday I literally passed out. I had to stand around in the sun for ages during a guided tour and suddenly my heart started racing, my knees shaking and my head became empty. Next thing was that I woke up on the floor. Circuit collapsed. Therefore I am trying to take it easy these days.


Bikini: Triangl
Tunic: Hallhuber


  1. Super super schöne Bilder!
    Den Bikini habe ich auch :)


    A. von

  2. Was für schöne Fotos.
    Deine Haare sind sehr hübsch
    Alles Liebe


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