Rebel Rose goes Hong Kong

Happy Sunday, my loves! I have been dropping hints about my big trip for weeks and today I will eventually reveal my destination. It's Hong Kong!! I will be working and living there for four months starting in October. Isn't that exciting?!

I seriously don't know what hit me when I applied for that job last fall. Probably I had a sudden now or never feeling. I will be graduating from college in a few weeks so this is the time for little adventures like this I guess. Plus I must have had some kind of presentiment that being far away from home would be very healthy for me in 2014.

I have never been to Asia before therefore I will probably experinece an imense cultural shock but from what I have heard, I will have the time of my life. Hong Kong must be very diverse with tons of stuff to do and explore. I hope I will have enough time for all of it besides work and that I will find fun people to do these things with!
Now that I have plenty of freetime after having turned in my bachelor's thesis this Friday (!!!) I will have to prepare a little more about the country, the mentality, dos & donts etc. But I think I am actually pretty good at accepting other cultures' ways of doing things and I am open to trying everything. You will never hear me say no during those four months. Promise.

The only thing I am worried about is the flight though. I think I never told you but I have a great fear of flying - or to be correct a fear of falling. Flying is very stressful for my mind and body because I have to pull myself together so much in order not to panic. And I don't know how I will be able to stand such a high stress level for 14 hours straight without going insane. I am actually planning on taking a strong sleeping pill and waking up during our landing. Haha.

So yep, this is my plan. I still have to pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming. I will keep up my blog of course and share my experiences with you:)


  1. Have a great time! Sure it will be great experience!


  2. Das klingt ja super! Gratulation, freu mich richtig für dich!
    Besorg dir auf jeden Fall Schlaftabletten. Meine Kolleginnen schwören darauf bei Flügen nach Asien! Ich selbst hab es noch nicht probiert, aber ich finde fliegen einfach zu spannend & will nicht alles verschlafen ;)
    Freu mich schon auf deine Berichte!


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