Hello beauties, I hope you are having a great weekend! I came home from my first fashion week in Berlin on Friday and I am still filled with excitement. It was such a great experience but I will tell you more as soon as I received the pics that were taken that day by Madeleine from dariadaria.com. She is one of my favorite bloggers therefore it was so great to meet her in person!
As much as I like travelling I hate unpacking when back home. It is seriously the worst part of travelling as everything gets messy and you have to iron almost all garments as they got crinkled in the suitcase. Sometimes it takes me days to have everything cleaned up and in place. Well, while I was at it I took these inspiration pictures.
For today I have planned to finally finish my bachelor's thesis. It's been such a drag so far I can tell you. Wish me luck that I won't get distracted and can eventually check this off my list! If I'll make it, here are some things I am looking forward to doing:

1.   Sleeping in without regret.
2.   Tanning out in the sun.
3.   Reading for fun.
4.   Catching up with friends.
5.   Party.
6.   Learning more about photography.
8.   Going to the hair dresser.
9.   Preparing for my big trip in October.
10. Staying in bed watching TV shows an entire day.
11. Working on my blog.
12. Cleaning out my closet.

What would you love to do if you had the time?

Sorry that I am a little short today but you can always follow my instagram @rebelrosefashion for more live updates.

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