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Hello, my loves, I hope you had a good week and are now excited for a fun weekend! I am actually starting my goodbyes as I will be leaving for Hong Kong in exactly one week. I literally have a list of people I want to say goodbye to, mostly in person, some via phone, which is quite the organizational task. Some are also getting handwritten notes and little presents that also need to be written and bought. Sometimes I have to remind myself that it's only four months and that I can text and call people anytime. It's not like I'll fall from this Earth next week. But I feel that a propper goodbye is necessary. You never know what will happen plus it's just a good moment to tell friends and family how much you appreciate them.

While saying goodbye to certain people is sad I am getting super excited to finally leave. I've been planning this for an entire year after all. It needs to become reality now. And seriously if not Hong Kong something else just needed to happen as soon as possible. My friends and I finished college weeks ago and we're just hanging around and it's getting ridiculous. I am a tiny bit afraid that I will have trouble finding my way back into a regular work pace getting up early, doing serious, important stuff for at least 8 hours and repeating that five days in a row. This is definately not what our lives looked like the last months to say the least.

Today's outfit is dominated by pepita which is a pattern created by a certain way of weaving. I remember how we had to figure out how to do it in our textile engineering class but I seriously don't get it together anymore (so much about last minute studying and forgetting right after the exam). Today you'll find that pepita is often times printed on the fabric rather than actually woven. As for my coat and blouse the old-fashioned method is still used though. The blouse's cut is very feminine with slim arms and bust and getting wider to the hips. The coat has an oversized feel to it which is very en vogue at the moment. One might say that wearing two pepita pieces together is too much but I wanted to make a statement here and I like how they mesh with each other.

I'll have one more outfit for you from Germany next week and then I'll hopefully write from Hong Kong. Yay!

Coat: Marc Cain
Blouse: Zara
Faux Leather Hotpants: H&M
Tights: Falke
Shoes: Buffalo
Bag: MCM

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