Sailor Gal with PETIT BATEAU

 Photos by ROSSANA Photography

Good morning, ladies (and gentlemen...I know you're reading this), I had the pleasure to pick a piece from Petit Bateau's latest fall/winter collection a few weeks ago as they liked my Paris post in which I am wearing one of their marinières. I decided on this cozy signiture sweatshirt that I've already worn a lot since I got it. It is casual yet has this preppy touch to it. I've paired it with jeans before but for this post I wanted to stick to my DNA and style it feminine with this high waist skirt that you already know from this post.

When I told my mom that I was working with Petit Bateau she was like, "Haven't you finally grown out of their stuff?" thinking (as a lot of people do) that Petit Bateau only does childrenswear. No, they are not. It seems their main focus but they also offer women's and men's wear. Still I felt a little thrown back to my childhood when wearing their little striped marinières with the buttons on the shoulder and the cute yellow rain coats.

The brand took its inspiration from the French children's song "Mummy, the little boats sailing on water, do they have legs?" and started out with the petit culotte for children (a under panty with cut-off legs) which was not known in 1893 when Petit Bateau was born. The maritim topic reflects the world of Petit Bateau: The boat being a children's toy, the water assosiating hygiene and the "little" being a playful twist.

My family on my dad's side is actually into sailing a lot. My grandpa and my dad were excellent sailors winning major regattas.They had their own boat and they sailed all of the Mediterranean, the North and Baltic Sea. I know all the stories and therefore feel a little bit connected to boats and the sea. It is really too bad they never taught me how to sail. But who knows, maybe I'll still learn it some day, I mean it is basically in my DNA.

Sweatshirt: Petit Bateau

Skirt: H&M
Shoes: H&M
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff

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