September Cravings: Travel Buddies

Less than 4 weeks left until I’ll be leaving for Hongkong therefore I am in the process of getting my travel gear ready. Last Friday I’ve been running around stores but there are still a few things left to get ticked off my list. These are some items I don’t want to miss on my journey.
1. I had to get my passport renewed express so that there’d be enough time to apply for visa which I wasn’t expecting so I wasn’t ready to take a photo at all that day. Now my passport photo looks like crap and the airport security  will probably not even recognize me. Oh well. At least my passport will look stunning from the outside in this cute passport cover I found at Fossil. It also has space for several cards inside. It's available in black, red and green.

2. Of course I'll be taking my camera everywhere and spam you with Hongkong pictures!

3. Most likely I'll be knocked out on the plane but if not I'll take my headphones so that music will calm me down. My plane song is always "Safe and Sound" by Capital Cities due to obvious reasons.

4. One of my favorite hand lotions by L'Occitaine. I am lucky that I never have dry hands but I like to use it for the fun of it and I'll have a familiar scent with me.

5. This is going to be my best friend in the beginning I guess. I'll be trying to do us much of the stuff suggested in there.

6. I am still looking for a pouche to keep my travel pharmacy in. This one by Flight 001 is pretty cute.

7. I am an only-wearing-sneakers-when-doing-sports kinda girl but I think for Hongkong I'll have to get over myself otherwise my feet will die when walking around this crazy city and discovering the nature around it.

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