Working Girl

 Photos by Jennifer Zehl

Happy Monday, my loves! I hope you enjoyed your weekend and gained strength for a new work week. Today I have this incredible Marc Cain outfit for you that makes me look like a real business woman, don't you think?

When working in the fashion business dark suits alone are just too boring and everyone's trying to show off their fashion sense with witty details. At the office I work at I don't have to dress up at all (which I am very thankful for) unless there are special meetings with suppliers or the board. For those rare occasions where I have to dress presentable, today's outfit would be perfect.

I love Marc Cain's silk blouses and this one's colour is just amazing. My love for pink will never fade I guess. The incredible pencil skirt is made of super soft leather so that it aligns with your silhouette. It has zippers on both sides if you'd like to have a walking slit. As you might see I had to roll up the skirt a little bit at the waist as I am not model tall. I'd need to get it cut by a dressmaker. 

Running around in high heels at the office is usually not my thing as the noise when walking drives me crazy and to be honest sometimes they'd make an outfit too sexy which I find uncomfortable. Last but not least my beloved Furla bag has the perfect size for going to work. I usually carry an entire household: Wallet, calendar, phone, phone charger (!!!), headphones, pen, water, gum, hand lotion, lipstick, mirror, brush and probably lots of more junk that I can't think of right now.

Wishing you all a successful week!

Entire look: MARC CAIN

Shoes: Zign
Bag: Furla
Watch: Emporio Armani

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  1. Die Kombination gefällt mir, besonders gut vor allem die Farben die du ausgewählt hast - sie bringen nochmal einen leichten sommerlichen Touch, auch wenn dieser leider schon vorbeizieht :-( Liebe Grüße, Lisa


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