My First Week in Hong Kong - iPhone Diary

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The flight: As I told you a million times before, I am pretty scared of flying which is why I asked my doctor for sleeping pills. I took double the dosis...but nothing! I was awake the entire time. But I did pretty good even during 30 minutes of turbulences. I was super tired though and slept all through Saturday.

This is the street I live on in Sheung Wan. A very busy area with a lot of cool little cafés, shops and galleries. Can't wait to explore it!

The subway sytem in Hong Kong is called MTR and is very easy to use. Simply get the so called Octupus card and you are good to go. Rush hour in the morning can be insane but I just don't stress about it. People are moving slowly but they are moving.  Before I came I thought I would stand out from the crowd with my light hair and stuff but I never felt this invisible before. People just don't look at you. Very strange.

The mendatory elevator selfie;) I got myself a selfie stick today which is the thing here and I seriously don't know how I've been living without it. Must have for photo junkies like myself. I bet you will see it in Germany too soon.

This is my work space. I work in the Product Development at Li & Fung Sourcing. Unfortunately I am not in the apparel department at the moment but in general merchandising which is mostly interior. The tasks are challenging as they treat me like a professional designer which I am obviously not. My technical drawing teacher from college would be so proud of how I am mastering Illustator after only one week. I think I am doing pretty good.
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When watching German news you'd think that the entire city is filled with protesters but I haven't seen any serious ones yet. You'll find quite a few blocked streets which can make it hard to get to some places by taxi and you'll find walls with posters like these at the main MTR stations. 

Friday night on Nathan Road. This is how you'd imagine Asia with all the blinking neon lights.

Sunday I went up on Victoria Peak which is the highest mountain in Hong Kong. It's one of the first things you should do as you get this amazing view and an idea on how the city is structured.

This is at my favorite place so far called Din Tai Fung. It is a Dim Sum restaurant which means that you will get all kinds of little dishes which you share with everyone at the table. It's mostly those delicious filled dumplings but also noodles, rice, soup and vegetables.
In general I am having a hard time with the food as it is mostly meat with rice or noodles and no vegetables. You will almost never find a vegetarian dish on the menu. At home I only eat meat about 3 days a week or so and here you have it for lunch and for dinner. I feel very unhealthy right now. I'll have to figure something out foodwise.
You can get all western products at the supermarket but some are incredibly expensive e.g. mozzarella cheese is 5€. Making minimum wage I won't have mozzarella cheese the next couple of months I guess.

Got some Asian fashion magazines to get some new inspiration and feel on what Asians like. They are only in Chinese but the beautiful pictures speak for themselves.

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Junk is what they call a boat trip here. It's seems to be quite common and it is super fun I can tell you. You rent a boat with your friends and just chill on the boat, swim in the ocean and drink and eat the entire day. I didn't know anyone before getting on the boat but getting off I had already made friends. Awesome!

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Today I went to St. Stephen's beach which is located in the south of Hong Kong. Like all beaches here it is very small but still not very crowded. They view from the hills there is amazing and there are impressive apartment buildings and mansions that must cost a fortune.
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After relaxing at the beach we went to the famous Peninsula Hotel where we had teatime. I love teatime as you know from this post. We had to wait in line for a few minutes but it wasn't too bad. The little pastries and sandwiches were all so good and I simply have a thing for nice tableware and silver. I am sure I will go there again while I am here. Prices are also not too bad. You pay around 30€ per person.

So this was my first week in Hong Kong. I am looking for photographers at the moment so that I can show you outfit pictures as soon as possible. If you know any (hobby-) photographers in Hong Kong who would like to shoot with me, let me know! Have a good Sunday night and start to a new week tomorrow!


  1. Jeez, 30 bucks per person for tea and pastries? :-o Is this common HK prices?

    1. Hong Kong is definately very expenisve but that is actually pretty okay for a luxury hotel like the Peninsula think.:) They could take more and people would still go!


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