Shades of Blue

Hello from Hong Kong! I've been here for two weeks now and am excited to finally show you an outfit post from here thanks to David who took these beautiful pictures at the waterfront in Kowloon.

There are many aspects of my life in Hong Kong I want to tell you about but today I would like to start with the work I do here as that's where I spend most of my time and energy. 

Well, I work in the Product Development at Li&Fung Sourcing which means that my team supports brands in trend research,designing and visual merchandising. Our costumors are mainly from North and South America and in the low price/big lots segment which is the reason why they don't have their own product development team and that's where we come in.
I love this kind of job because I sometimes can't even believe it is a job. I mean, I basically get paid for what I'd do in my freetime anyways. Research trends and new products and just get creative. I start to see patterns and coulor combinations everywhere I look. I love it.
It is challenging because interior and hard goods is different from fashion. I have to deal with different materials here like several kinds of ceramics, plastics and woods. Plus, when it comes to technical drawings they need to be three-dimensional whereas in fashion you usually draw them flat. I learn every day.

The life rhythm is a little different in Hong Kong compared to Europe. I am used to a 8 to 5 work day after which I have enough time to run some errands and meet up with friends and be home at 10 or 11. Here in Hong Kong though everyone at the office (not only managers but EVERYONE) is working until at least 7.  Therefore life starts really late in the evening and you are almost never home. I didn't get it the first week but then someone gave me an explanation that makes sense: The living space is so expensive here in Hong Kong that families are living in very small apartments and that is why they want to be outside as much as possible. It is just to cramped at their home.
I am a very homey person so we'll see if I'll miss cozy nights at home after a while.

What I like a lot about work culture here is the high importance of lunch hour. At 12:30 again EVERYONE leaves the building and goes out to lunch at those little restaurants that are literally everywhere. My co-workers have taken me to a few different places already and I can tell you that was challenging as well. But food is another topic I will discuss with you another time.

A few words to today's outfit. It is an outfit I brought from Germany as I didn't have time to find some cool local brands so far. I went shopping twice but maybe not in the right places. I'm on it though, so just be patient. The only thing I bought here are the sunglasses. Found them at a random little stand at a hippie style party this Saturday. 
I like the combination of the different shades of blue in this look. Especially royal blue has become one of my favorite colours. It is flashy but I've never been afraid of that. The skirt and the bag are quite dressy but with a boyfriend T-shirt and wind-blown hair it becomes a semi-casual everyday look. Hope you like it.

Sunnies: Print House
Skirt: H&M
T-Shirt: Esprit
Shoes: Zara

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  1. Das Outfit schaut richtig,richtig gut aus ! :) Sehr schön, aber nicht zu aufgetackelt.
    P.s.: Vielleicht magst du ja an meiner Verlosung teilnehmen?


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