Good morning, beauties! I am very thankful for the 'wearing a big scarf as cape' trend that is going on this season as this is really helpful here in Hong Kong. Last week the weather was a little cooler (23 degrees) but you were still able to go outside wearing a light long sleeve. The issue here in Hong Kong is the air conditioning though that is pretty cold on the subway, in all public buildings, many restaurants and the offices and leads to a constant temperature up and down. This is the reason why it is very handy to have a big scarf like this with you to cover yourself quickly when entering air conditioned places and pulling it off when exiting.

When on the MTR (subway) I have an experiment going on that I wanted to tell you about. Well, actually I gave up after only a few weeks to give away the ending. 

Being an attractive woman in Germany or even worse in Southern Europe you will get a lot of attention from men when on the streets, whether you want it or not. You'll get staring, winking, smiling, whistling, waving, honking, cars slowing down next to you, men blocking your way, pick-up lines, compliments, mocking, following and other weird stuff on a daily basis. Really nothing special, daily routine.

Here in Hong Kong on the other hand NOTHING. It's like I've lost my charm.  Not that I am looking for anything while here but flirting is just a fun thing to do. Therefore I thought I might need to be more initiative and started this experiment where I'd try to make eye contact with and smile at random people (men) on the MTR. Nothing. I've been trying really hard putting all I have out there but they wouldn't hold eye contact for longer than 0,0001 seconds before looking away so that I didn't even get to the smiling part. Their cell phones are way more interesting to them than I am. Can't compete with Candy Crush I guess.

Somehow Asian people must find each other though as I keep seeing tons of pregnant women. It is insane. Maybe they look at their cell phones so much because they are trying to find the love of their lives via online dating? Maybe that is the modern way and I am too old school with my eye contact? Or were they brought up thinking that flirting is inappropriate? Or they are simply not into European women? Who knows.

So after a while I gave up and now I am looking into my cell phone as everyone else is. Boring world.

Cape: Muji
Blouse: Zara
Skirt: Zara
Boots: Zara
Bag: Furla
Bangles: HK Market
Ring: H&M
Earrings: COS
Watch: Emporio Armani


  1. Toller neutraler look. Das Cape ist ja toll :)
    Liebste Grüße

  2. You are so beautiful , I love these pictures. and its so sad people don't open their eyes and look around them nowadays :(

    1. Oh thank you so much Debora! Yes, I wonder how that will effect society in the long term.


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