Marc Cain Style Guide Hong Kong, Part II

Happy Sunday, beauties! Today I have the second part of my City Style Guide Hong Kong for you that I did with Marc Cain. This time we are on Kowloon side which is usually the more Chinese part of the city. I mainly go to Kowloon (apart from work) for shopping as there is a huge mall called Harbour City Plaza as well as the Peninsula Arcades, Nathan Road and the Ladies' and Night Markets.

Star Ferry
The Star Ferry has been crossing the harbor between Central and Tsim Sha Tsui non stop since 1898 and are still an important means of transportation today. From the ferry you have an incredible view on the skylines of both sides of Hong Kong, especially during night time. During the week I am usually too lazy to plan in the extra minutes it would take to walk to the piers rather than take the MTR but on the weekends I enjoy going over to Kowloon by ferry. Feels like a throwback in time.

Peninsula Hotel & Peninsula Arcades
The Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong is known all over the world, mainly for its high tea in the grand lobby. I LOVE tea time as I told you in this post, so of course I had to have it at Peninsula while I am here. It is a little touristy with a long waiting line of practically dressed sightseers and Asians who take pictures of every tiny detail of the table, but, hey, I am doing the same so I can't complain. Nevertheless the tea, pastries, scones and sandwiches are delicious. I'll try to prepare a separate post for you about the Peninsula High Tea.
Through the lobby you can get to the Peninsula Arcades, a small mall with excellent boutiques of brands like Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton and also Marc Cain. I paid a visit to their store and checked out the latest collection where my dress is from as well. The colour is totally mine because you know how much I love pastels and the simple cut is very elegant. The woolen fabric is a little too warm for Hong Kong weather at the moment therefore I am looking forward to wearing it with woolen tights, gloves and beanie when I am back in Germany in February. The perfect piece for a winter pastel look.

Nathan Road
Nathan Road may be the longest shopping street in the world. It stretches almost all the way through Kowloon and there seems to be no end when walking it. Actually I think there is no way anyone could ever shop the entire street in one day. Nathan Road is super busy and looks like the picture you have in mind when thinking of an Asian street: Wide, packed with people and billboards and neon signs over your head.

Dim Sum at Din Tai Fung
Din Tai Fung is my favorite Asian style restaurant in Hong Kong so far. I usually go to the one in Causeway Bay (68 Yee Wo Street) but there are outlets on Kowloon side as well.
Dim Sum is an essential part of Kantonese cuisine being small dishes that are mostly steamed or fried and that you share with your table. Literally "dim sum" means "touching the heart" as in "small snacks that warm your heart". How cute is that?! At Din Tai Fung the speciality are the pork dumplings that have - apart from the pork filling - hot soup inside. You have to be careful when eating them otherwise you will burn your tongue! My favorite dim sum dishes are the described pork dumplings, the vegetarian dumplings, filled bread dumplings, spring rolls, steamed kale or spinach and fried rice. Order me those and I am happy!


Bag: Rebecca Minkoff
Watch: Emporio Armani
Sunnies: Ray Ban
Shoes: Zara

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