Marc Cain Style Guide Hong Kong, Part I

Marc Cain has asked me and 10 other bloggers to create a City Style Guide of our hometowns. Hong Kong is not exactly my hometown as I just moved here two months ago but nevertheless I have some favorite spots to show you. Part I focuses on Hong Kong Island and part II that I will release in a few days is going to be on Kowloon side. There's an interview in which I talk about my personal style, the fashion taste of Hong Kong's women, how my life has changed since I have become a blogger and lots more in the next issue of Marc Cain's magazine, so make sure to get one at one of their stores.

The Peak
First stop for most people who come to Hong Kong is usually Victoria Peak, or simply "The Peak". The Peak is the highest hill on Hong Kong Island therefore you have an amazing view and get an idea of how Hong Kong is structured. There are different ways to get to the top. Easiest is maybe taking the bus number 15 from the central piers or central station. Most common if you are going for the first time is the tram though. On the weekends there will be a long line that can lead to more than 1 hour waiting but it is quite an experience. If you like to hike you can easily walk up the Peak which is the third possibility. The so called Morning Trail is not very steep and its wide paths are lined with trees and plants. I like to do this for exercise every now and then.

Once you are at the top you should visit the Sky Terrace which is even higher up to get the best view. There are lots of different restaurants if you want to grab a bite before or after taking the circuit hike. With the Hong Kong weather which is likely to be foggy you have to be a little lucky and pick the right day to have a clear view over the amazing skyline. Going up the Peak at night when it's dark is also beautiful. 

King Yin Lei Mansion's Garden
On the foot of the Peak we found this beautiful mansion with traditional Chinese garden. It is not open to the public most of the time but there are monasteries and temples that you can visit in Diamond Hill or on Lantau for example. I love the peacefulness of temples and monasteries here in Hong Kong that lets you forget the hecticness of the city. To learn more about Buddhist temples head over to my post about Man Mo Temple.

Agnes b. Cafe & Soho
One of my favorite cafes in the city is the Agnes b. Cafe on Gough Street. It has a Parisian flair to it with its round marble tables, wooden interior, gold accents and dozens of flowers. The pastries are beautiful to the eye and also delicious. There is a little outdoor area facing the narrow pedestrian street as well that is perfect for a Sunday afternoon to hang out and read magazines. On Gough Street and the surrounding area called Soho you find many small boutiques carrying interior and apparel. One of my favorite interior stores is Homeless where you can find witty gadgets and cool design pieces.

Food Markets
What gives Hong Kong a lot of charm are those little market stands you will find at almost every corner in the city. In Causeway Bay there is a very scenic street where you have them all in one spot: meat stands, sea food stands, fruit stands, vegetable stands, flower stands and more. It is fun to stroll around the market soaking in the busy atmosphere, discovering unfamiliar foods and getting in contact with locals.
In the beginning I was very, very sceptical to buy at those local places, especially as they are outdoors so there must be some pollution to the groceries, but by now I like to buy particular sorts of fruit and veggies there. And hey, I am still alive. 

Central Piers
I love living by the water whether it is a river, a lake or as in this case the sea. The pier is definitely a place I like to hang out at. You can look over the water, and watch the ships go by or observe the people going for strolls along the waterfront. It has a very layed back atmosphere. In the morning the air is fresh and crisp so that's when I like to go for a run there.

That were some of my favorite spots on Hong Kong Island so now it is time to head over to Kowloon side. You can go by MTR (metro) or car tunnel of course but the more authentic way is to go by Star Ferry. I will tell you more about the trip by Star Ferry in the second part together with some other highlights. Stay tuned!


Bag: Rebecca Minkoff
Watch: Emporio Armani

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