Photos by Kinwai Cheung

Good morning, beauties! It is Sunday morning here in Hong Kong and Halloween-Weekend is still doing its part. Halloween is a huge thing here. The weeks before a lot of stores are decorated Halloween themed with scary pumpkins, skeletons, ghosts and other creatures and you can buy Halloween candy and pastries everywhere. The city is painted in orange and black you could say. Basically all hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs in town do Halloween events that you should book in advance as the may sell out quickly. Those are usually quite expensive but you can also just walk around the streets downtown. There's enough going on!

On the night of the 31st people go crazy. Certain streets are just packed with costumed people and there's no other way than walking with the crowd. Once you're in, you're in. I got stuck in that crowd walking from Central to the Pottinger Hotel where I was invited to a Birthday/Halloween Party. I was part of a group costume being some video game character but I was mistaken for an angel all the time as I was wearing feathered angel wings. "You're an angel. Can you save me?". Never wanna hear that pick-up line again in my life.

After the hotel bar closed we moved on to a club in Lan Kwai Fong which is one of the main party areas here in Hong Kong. It was a super fun night so that I ended up only sleeping 2 hours before I had a big shoot for Marc Cain all day yesterday. That's why I am looking forward to a super slow Sunday afternoon now!!

On one of those Sundays I would wear an outfit like today's. It's weird, but I tend to dress nicer on the weekends than I do during the week at the office. At the office I want to feel comfortable while sitting infront of my screen for ten hours. I don't want anything to cut in or get out of place. On the weekends though I feel like dressing pretty while wandering the streets.

Today's look I found at Muji. Muji is a Japanese brand whose concept it is to provide its costumers with products that are actually useful. The design emphazises the intrinsic appeal of an object and eliminates anything that is not needed. As a result you'll find simple products in natural materials at Muji. I really like the atmosphere at the Muji store as it is so clean and calm and you find good quality basics there.

I was looking for a midi-skirt that fits me everywhere but couldn't find one. They are all too wide at the waist (#firstworldproblems). I was close to giving up but then I stumbled into this one and felt super happy. Midi-skirts are just great for the fall/winter season, plus they look very chic and feminine.
The coulor combination of maroon and lilac is unique but for some reason it works. It has a very autumny feel to it. I never liked turtle necks and actually hated it when my mom made me wear them in primary school but that's the thing with fashion - one year you hate it, the other you're all over it. At the moment (and that can change anytime) I find that turtle necks look very sophisticated.

Skirt: Muji
Turtle Neck: Muji
Bag: Forever21
Boots: Zara


  1. Amazing outfit! Love the skirt and the colors, so lovely!!


  2. Tolle Farbkombination. Das Outfit steht Dir super :)
    Ganz liebe Grüße


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