Travel Tip: Ozone Bar Hong Kong

Hello sweeties, here's a quick travel tip for you: OZONE BAR in Hong Kong. Just snapped these pics with my phone while I was there the other night.

Ozone is where most tourists go for the view as it is the highest bar of the city (108th floor). I have to say though that you get better views from other places (like Aqua, Sevva or Wooloomooloo). Ozone ist too high up and paired with Hong Kong's smocky air you don't see much. Plus Ozone is kind of far out...well, far in Hong Kong relations.

Nevertheless I would recommend to go there at least once to soak in the atmosphere at the impressive Ritz Carlton Hotel. It's huge!! And then of course because of the amazing interior design at Ozone Bar. I actually wrote about it in one of my papers for college before I even knew that I would come to Hong Kong. The interior design has all those organic elements that make you feel like you are inside a body (kinda gross haha) and the light concept is stunning as well.

For a drink I had the Dragontini with dragonfruit and strawberry which was delicious. One of the best drinks I had in my life. It cost around 165HKD if I remember correctly which is about 17EUR. Pricey I know but it's a once in a lifetime thing.

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