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Hello my loves! It is another beautiful weekend in Hong Kong with blue skies and sunshine and eventually I am getting in the Christmas mood. Up to now I wasn't feeling it at all but this week we got our own little Christmas tree, decorated it, I wrote Christmas cards, my boss brought back Lebkuchen from his trip to Germany and I went a little Christmas shopping. The entire pre-Christmas routine you could say.

The past week I had to do a lot of planning. My birthday is around the corner so I had to decide how I want to spend it in this city I am new to and without my friends and family. I won't tell you yet but my birthday weekend is going to be fun! And then of course Christmas itself and New Year's Eve need to be sorted out as well. 

The other thing I had to plan was my trip to Shanghai. Yes, I am going to Shanghai after Christmas! Exciting, right? I can't wait to get the real 'mainland experience'. So far I'll be going all by myself so we'll see how that goes. All tips regarding restaurants, bars, sights, shopping etc. are appreciated!

Today I was wearing this big sweater by Zara. I got it at a sample sale at my office so I don't even know if it was in stores at all. It is hand knitted and the stitches are huge (they seem even bigger in real life). Super cozy and comfy pared with leggings and boots. 
The headpiece by COS I am wearing is not everyone's thing I guess but I like unusual pieces like that. Actually it is a necklace but I think it looks nicer as a little tiara.

The upcoming weeks until New Year's are just crazy. So much going on. I bet it's the same for you guys so hang in there and enjoy it along the way!

Knit: Zara
Headpiece: COS
Bag: MCM
Shoes: Buffalo
Leggings: Gina Tricot

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