Travel Tip: Lantau Island

Hello sweeties! Today I have another travel tip for you: Lantau Island. 

Lantau Island is in the West of Hong Kong and can be reached by MTR or by ferry. If you want to visit the Big Buddha, the MTR is the better choice as it brings you right to the cable car station.

The cable car ride over the sea and the hills of Lantau was beautiful as you can see in the picture although I was a little scared to be honest. 
At the top there is a little touristy village with probably 20 different fastfood restaurants and souvenir shops you have to pass until you reach the monastery. I liked the atmosphere at the monastery as it seemed very authentic with monks walking around and the sound of a choir coming from inside. Outside there is an area with dozens of lit incenses and people praying in front. Very beautiful with the Buddha in the background.

Next you'll approach the Buddha itself. It looks quite majestic sitting there on top of the hill watching over Hong Kong. I was a little disappointed though that it was only built in the 1980s and is not ancient as you might think. From the top that you reach via a long staircase you have a beautiful view over the entire area.

A short walk away from the Buddha there is the Path of Wisdom - a path lined with tall wooden poles that have Chinese proverbs engraved (that's a smart guess as there was no English translation anywhere). If you are short in time you can skip this part as this is only interesting if you can read what the poles say.

After that we went to Tai O, a traditional fisher village, and I must say I was really impressed by this place. The small cabins are built on stilts in the water which is why Tai O is sometimes called "Venice of Hong Kong". The village is very "messy" as I like to call it but this makes the charm of it. The people living there were very kind not getting annoyed by me taking pictures of their houses and belongings. In the more touristy part of the village streets are lined with market stands mainly selling sea food freshly fished by the locals (I hope it's not fake. You never know.).

Tai O is also the starting place to go dolphin watching. We didn't go as it was pretty late already but if you are lucky you can see pink (!) dolphins not far out from Lantau Island.

All in all it was a very fun day filled with new experiences and impressions and I would recommend exploring Lantau when in Hong Kong.

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