Hey hey, sweeties, how are you? I am not too well actually. Food poisoning completely knocked me out yesterday and I am still pretty weak today. Most people experience this during their first month in Asia but for me it had to come during my last three weeks. Great. And what annoys me the most: It was from western food!

I feel like I keep showing you the same looks all over again. Probably because I seriously only have about 30 pieces here in Hong Kong that I keep wearing week after week. Super annoying. Something I am really looking forward to about home: My wardrobe!! The stuff I have with me here will move to the very back and I won't look at them for a few weeks. Hope you like my neutral colored, oversize sweater look anyway. The photos have a little grained vintage look this time which is pretty cool I think. They were taken at Chin Lin Nunnery in Diamond Hill - a real oasis within the city! It has a beautiful Chinese garden,  a pont and a tea house but in the distance you can still see the skyscrapers of the city.

The closer my leaving gets the more my mind seems to wrap around that topic. I am unconsciously detaching from and saying goodbye to things (and people). This happens every time and to anyone who has to say goodbye to a place I think. It is a protection mechanism our mind (heart?) does so it won't hurt too much. Small things about the new place will start to annoy you, things from the place you go back to you will glorify although you never found them that great before, and you start talking to you "old" friends and family more again. This process I know too well from my year in the U.S. has kicked in so I will be ready to leave in 2,5 weeks (!!!). Sigh.

Total look: ZARA


  1. Soooo schön!
    Liebste Grüße ANNA von

  2. Dein outfit gefällt mir sehr gut, vor allem die Schuhe sind der Hammer.

    Liebste Grüße
    Luise von

  3. Das Outfit ist absolut bezaubern – tolle Farbe und allgemein die Bilder richtig schön geworden


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