On The Bund

 Photos by CaiLu

Hello my loves, I hope this new year has started well for you! My last month in Hong Kong has begun which means I am trying to tick everything off my 'What I want to do and see in Hong Kong'-list. There is not too much left on there but still the upcoming weekends will be packed. The two major places I want to visit before leaving are Macau (by day) and Disneyland. Apart from these two it's mostly some shopping and of course people I want to see before leaving. Lots of cocktails again!

I have some travel news for you. Before going home I will spend a few days in London. I am so excited!!! I've only been to London once for a school trip and didn't like it very much then. I got sick on the ferry so that I wasn't feeling well the entire stay and our hotel was very far out so that we weren't where life was happening. Plus some major teenage drama going on when bumping into my boyfriend by that time and ex boyfriend at Abercrombie & Fitch at the same time. Haha. Cute. 
Anyways, so I guess it wasn't the city itself that I didn't like so I'll give it another chance.

But first of all let's talk about the gorgeous pictures from Shanghai. The atmosphere when walking along the Bund is priceless. The city of Shanghai is divided into two parts by the river Huangpu: Puxi and Pudong. Puxi is the historic center with traditional buildings and ancient sites such as Yu Garden, Jing'an Temple and the Shanghai Museum. Pudong on the other side is the modern financial district with all those impressive skyscrapers that make up the beautiful skyline of Shanghai. From the Bund which is the promenade on Puxi side you can see both parts of the city - in the middle between tradition and modern age.

On the first day of our stay the sky was clear but when we took these pictures the city was unfortunately smogy as it usually is. It was the warmest and most sunny day though that's why I was able to go without a coat and show you this pretty dress made from faux leather and felt. I didn't want to ruin the shape by wearing a cardigan on top so I wore an elegant turtle neck underneath. The perfect solution for me. I love the earthy and autumnal feel in these pictures. The green of the dress with the gold of the leaves is just gorgeous.

Have a fantastic rest of the week!

Dress and turtle neck: Zara
Stockings: Falke
Shoes: Bufallo

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