South Kensington

Hello my loves, on my way back from Hong Kong I am stopping by in London to visit my dear friend Melisa. But first of all let me tell you about my packing disaster. I had already shipped a big box of clothes back home and thought I'd be fine. Of course I waited with packing until the evening of my flight and nearly had a heart attack when I had to realize that I wasn't even close to fitting all my stuff in my suitcase. Again my flatmate is the one saving me by sending another huge box to Germany. I have no idea where all that stuff is coming from. I swear! I didn't go shopping much to avoid exactly that situation. So now I am still wearing two coats and two scarfs, carrying a big backpack, heavy suitcase and bag full of souvenirs through London. And they hardly have escelators or lifts. Ehhh.

I am still jet lagged being awake at 5 in the morning and needing a nap in the afternoon - that I am not taking though as there is too much I want to do in London. Most of the time we eat. I will prepare a separate post about where to go for breakfast, afternoon tea, dinner and drinks.

Besides a LOT of food I stopped by the main tourist attractions and went shopping. London feels like a paradise for finding unique, cool pieces. I bought this embellished hat by Her Curious Nature, which is handmade in London. After buying quite a bit of crap in Hong Kong it felt good to buy something that is ethically sustainable. I needed a hat really badly as the temperature drop from 20 degrees in Hong Kong to -2 degrees here is pretty hard on me. Glad I found this pretty one. Don't be afraid to sparkle a little brighter!

I loved strolling the streets of South Kensington and Chelsea with all their pretty houses. Wouldn't it be elegant to live in one of those white town houses? In general I liked London a lot this time. I came to London before with school and wasn't impressed at all but now being grown up and able to go places I actually want to see, I enjoyed it. A lot of cool markets, cafes, restaurants, boutiques. I definitely want to come back and explore it more.

In a few hours I am heading North to Leeds and York. I have no expectations about these cities at all. I'll just leave it up to my friend I am visiting there to show me around. Stay tuned!

Coat: River Island
Hat: Her Curious Nature via Topshop
Sweater: Zara
Bag: Furla
Shoes: Adidas Stan Smiths


  1. London is such a lovely city and i like your outfit.

    Liebe Grüße
    Luise von

  2. Wunderbare Bilder und der Mantel steht dir so gut :) Hübscher Look!
    Liebe Grüße
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