Photos by Luca Greco

Happy Monday, my loves! Two weekends ago I was in Switzerland to see family, pick up my little car (Yay! Missed driving!) and shoot with talented Luca. I feel very at home in Switzerland and I'm excited that I only live 2 hours away from my loved ones now. Will occupy the guest room often for sure:)

A few months ago I received this down jacket by Italian brand Peuterey but never got around wearing it because I kind of skipped winter this year being in Hong Kong. Eventually in Zürich I thought it was time to take it for a walk as it was still freezing there. I don't even know how to call this unique piece that is no jacket because it only has a small zipper in the back. It is more of a down sweater maybe!?! I totally like the cut and it kept me perfectly warm. 

Nevertheless I hope this was the last winter outfit for a looong time! Peuterey also has the down sweater (?!) in a lighter version and different colours for spring;) Have a good week everyone!

Skirt: Magil
Bag: Vintage
Sunnies: HK market
Tights: Falke

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