Photos by Rossana Altrhein

Good morning, beauties! In the past seasons fashion has become more and more casual and even takes elements straight from sportswear. While I am still more the elegant type, my style has transformed a little with fashion towards a more sportive look but one that is still me. I have had this kind of sporty shooting in mind for quite a while and when I found this sweater and skirt at Mango I knew it was time. 

I have to admit that I never played any team sport or practiced a sport in the actual sense at all. As you know from this post I always did ballet which is exercise of course but considered art. I am not very fit at the moment to be honest and I really want to start exercising again to be healthy and ready for summer.

The outfit I am wearing today is NOT sportswear but directly inspired by it. The sweater has an elastic stripe detail that is usually found as cuffs on jerseys and sports tops and the skirt is made of a what looks like a breathable fabric. I exaggerated a little by wearing white sports socks for the shoot which I would obviously not in everyday life.

There's a second part with another sporty look coming up next week. Don't miss it!


Sweater & Skirt: Mango
Sneaker: Adidas 'Stan Smith'
Socks: Nike

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