Rainy Day Uniform

Hello sweethearts,  I had the perfect summer outfit ready for this week but it simply won't stop raining and I haven't been able to shoot it for you yet. Instead I wore my all time favorite rainy day basics for running some errands around town.

I bought this biker jacket about 2 years ago and never really wore it. This spring though, it is my go-to piece for all those black outfits I like to wear lately. Also those black jeans I've had in forever. Being a little sick of them I decided to rip them at the knees a few days ago. The first knee I just did without any "research" but thought it looked weird so I watched YouTube videos on how to rip jeans. My mistake was that you really need to cut all the way to the seams. Voilá, a new jeans in my closet.
Another all time favorite is my fedora hat that I like to throw on on rainy or windy days. With light rain you don't necessarily need an umbrella and have your hands free. Perfect for shopping and running errands.

The next three weeks are going to be tough ones as exams are around the corner. First of all I will spend the weekend in my beautiful Switzerland though. Can't wait! Have a great week my dears!

Hat: H&M
Jacket & Jeans: Zara
Shoes: Mango
Bag: Forever21


  1. Diese verdammten Regentage. Aber mit deinem Outfit kann man auch die gut überstehen. Sieht richtig stylish aus!

    Liebst, Bina

    1. Vielen Dank Bina! Heute ist die Sonne ja zum Glück wieder da <3

  2. I love this whole look! It's so chic :) I would wear this style . The chic look of all black and the bag is just added detail that brings it all together perfectly http://bauchlefashion.com

  3. love your style! xx

    Gabby, foxysight.blogspot.com


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