Photos by Ralf Gekeler

Good morning beauties, I am officially on holidays! Woohoo! I've done quite a few city trips this year already but the next two weeks are going to be all about dazing in the sun, reading, swimming in the pool, eating Mediterranean dishes and strolling by Lago Maggiore. No rushing from tourist attraction to tourist attraction, just taking life easy.

By the way this is the last post you will be seeing me with long hair. Yep that's right, I cut my hair fairly short. Stay tuned for the next article and see how it looks! Hope you guys have a relaxed week, too! xxx

Denim Shorts: Glamorous
T-Shirt & Hat: H&M
Sandals: Mango


  1. Have a nice holiday <3

    Luise |

  2. you're such a beauty! really enjoying your blog. take care x
    Lynn |

  3. wow. die bilder sind der hammer. einfach wunderschön


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