Postcard from Isola Madre

Happy Sunday loves! The other day we did a big tour around Lago Maggiore by boat and panorama train. We left early in the morning to catch the speed boat from Locarno to Isola Madre and Isola Bella, two tiny islands on the Italian side of Lago Maggiore.

We had about 1,5 hours on each island which was definitely not enough. We had to rush through the beautiful gardens and enchanted palazzos barely able to have lunch or take pictures. Seriously we were RUNNING through the palace of Isola Bella to catch the next boat to Stresa.

From there we took a train to Domodossola where the panorama train through the mountains and valleys of Centovali parts. This I can really recommend. Going up mountains with this modern train with huge windows having the best views is quite an experience.

As usual it was super hot that day therefore I was wearing an airy dress and my straw hat. The day was quite stressful because we had to be so much on schedule to make all the stops in time to get on the last boat home but it was worth it. We got a very good overview over the region of Lago Maggiore. I was pretty mad that there wasn't any time to take photos but I guess sometimes you simply have to take pictures with your mind and store them in your memory.

 Dress: Zara
Hat: H&M

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  1. Wie schön! Da wird man fast neidisch :D Toll siehst du aus und die Fotos sind auch der Wahnsinn

    liebste Grüße,

    Maria Pngt


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