Happy Sunday babes! It's been an exciting week with travels to Paris and London. I love traveling, taking in new impressions and experiencing foreign cultures but I am always happy to be home too. Here are some facts about my weekend routine:

1. Friday night is my favorite time of the week. There's no better feeling than being done with your work and having the entire weekend ahead of you.

2. On Friday nights I try not to go out but come down from the week with some alone time or quiet activity like going to the cinema or casual dinner.

3. Saturday morning then is the most unglamorous time of the week - time for cleaning, grocery shopping and paper work. Today's outfit is a typical one for running errands on a Saturday - jeans, flats, big knit, comfy jacket.

4. In the afternoon there can be some actual shopping although I must say that I shop online A LOT. It's less stress and I have so much more choice as there are endless online shops to choose from.

5. On Saturdays I also go to ballet class. I danced on a semi-professional level when I was a teenager and I still enjoy my weekly class a lot. Plus it's the best workout!

6. Saturday night is the time for some party. I definitely don't go out every week but from time to time you need to shake it off!

7. Sunday starts with sleeping in. That's a must! I think you need one day of the week where you don't set the alarm and just turn around as long as you want.

8. Sundays can be very diverse. Some Sundays I am able to do nothing or meet up with friends, other Sundays I need to work. As I do home office most of the time, I sometimes need to make up for some hours I lost during the week e.g. because I took photos for this blog;)

9. On Sunday nights I get ready for the week with manicure, pedicure and facial scrub. All ready to start into the new week!

Whats's your weekend routine? xxx

Jacket: H&M Kids
Sweater & Jeans: Zara
Flats: Akira
Bag: Furla


  1. I love your chic style! Especially this jacket it is so gorgeous :)

  2. Die Jacke ist ja toll <3 Hübscher Look :)
    Liebe Grüße, Fiona

  3. oh ich liebe diesen Artikel mit deiner Wochenenroutine - bei mir sieht es an den wochenenden fast genauso aus. und dein outfit ist fabulös - ich habe mich direkt in den hübschen pulli verliebt!

    bisous bisous

    1. Hehe Wochenende ist schon was schönes. Für diese Woche haben wir es ja auch schon fast wieder geschafft;) LG


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