8 Things We Love in Autumn

Hi my loves, wasn't last weekend just beautiful? The sun was shining, the colorful leaves were falling and everyone was outside soaking in this fabulous season. I was taking a stroll as well in my new Esprit cape and flared jeans. What I love Esprit for are their high-quality knits. This cape is simply amazing! So comfy, warm and stylish. I will wear it as long as the weather allows it.

Can you believe that the bootcut is back? Flared jeans are so 2004 and I didn't miss them for a second. When I put these jeans on I was surprised that I didn't scream of horror but actually thought "Hm not bad!". Paired with high heels they actually make a long and slim leg.

Well, but now to the 8 things that are so much fun in autumn:

1. Taking out all your comfy sweaters, socks and coats.

2. Staying in bed all Sunday watching movies, reading or listening to music.

3. Drinking tea and hot chocolate.

4. Baking autumn pies like plum and pumpkin tart.

5. Laying out in the sun fully bundled up.

6. Jumping through puddles and throwing around leaves.

7. Eating hearty dishes like game and mashed potatoes.

8. Making a weekend trip to places like Rome because it's not killing hot anymore.

Cape & Jeans: ESPRIT
Pullover: Zara
Heels: Zign via Zalando
Bag: Furla


  1. Wow! That's a really nice outfit.
    I like the new (old) style of bootcut jeans and high heels, too.
    And thanks for the 8 motivating facts about autumn, I started to feel really sad about the new season and it's cold weather. :D

    Best wishes,
    Gilda from Gilda Jolie

    1. Thank you. Glad I could help to fight the autumn blues;) xxx

  2. Gorgeous! Awesome photos!! So beautiful outfit!!

  3. Such a lovely post! I've never been a fan of autumn before but I'm starting to love this season! Can't wait for Halloween haha!
    xo Laura


    1. Oh ya, I should add Halloween to the list;) xxx

  4. I just love autumn as well - it has finally cooled down a bit here in LA so I pulled out all of my knits and jackets. Love your outfit!


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