Happy Sunday guys, I hope you had a good one! I satisfied my need for culture and art this weekend and went to two exhibitions.

The first one was "Ego Update" at NRW Forum Düsseldorf that is about digital identities we all create on the internet (Haha ya, hello I'm a fashion blogger. That's what I do professionally.) and particularly the phenomenon selfie. I find it amazing how platforms like Instagram created a whole new world of aesthetics. A few years back everyone would have said "What's interesting about a photo of your feet?" (#fromwhereistand) or "What a bad photo. You can see her arm." (#selfie). Today these type of photos are totally normal and even said to be pretty - I admit that I find certain #fromwhereistands beautiful. The exhibition is interactive and we definitely had a lot of fun. Just don't get offended and take yourself too seriously.

The second one at Museum Kunstpalast Düsseldorf was a total contrast. Paintings by 17th century Spaniard Zurbaran with often times religious motifs. I'm not too much into this topic but the way he painted is beautiful. Especially the textiles almost look real and you think they'd start moving every second. Zurbaran therefore is also called "Master of Details".

Today's outfit also has amazing textures I think. The coat is made of such a beautiful knit and the different beige and grey shades just look so nice together. This is so me and I really adore this outfit! xxx

Coat: Zara
Knit Dress: Gina Tricot
Turtle Neck: Sir Oliver
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Boots: Forever21


  1. Ich liebe diesen nicht Beige nicht Grau Farbton so sehr, habe aber leider viel zu wenig solcher Teile! Vor allem für Pullis finde ich diese Farbe wirklich hübsch :)

    Der gesamte Look steht dir einfach fabelhaft!

    Alles Liebe, Theresa

    1. Ja diese "Greige" Töne sind einfach super, weil man sie Kreuz und Quer kombinieren kann. Liebe Grüße:-*

  2. Lovely mixing of textures in the outfit, you've made it work so well!

    Fashion Dew || Uk Fashion Blog

  3. Schöne Kombi und tolle Farben! Steht dir richtig gut!
    Liebst, Bina


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