Pinstripe Culottes

Hi sunshines, you know that I wear culottes a lot but I wasn't sure if I'd ever wear these ones I bought in Hong Kong. I got them at the market near Prince Edward station and the flower market which was my favorite spot to buy local clothes. There's lots of cheap crap there but also some really fashion forward pieces. The problem is that in most cases you can't try on the clothes, plus they are usually one size. This Asian 'one size' luckily fits me most of the time while I'd believe that many Western women will have problems because they are too tall or don't wear sizes 32-36. Long story short, I bought these pinstriped culottes without trying them on and was disappointed at home.

You can't return things at the markets so I brought them back home and put them in the back of my closet. Just recently I dug them out and made it a challenge to create an outfit with them that looked good on me - and voilá here it is. 

I chose a cropped top because the culottes add a few kilos to your silhouette and showing a (somewhat) flat tummy indicates - excuse me - that you are not a fatty. Colourwise I went all black because I find it difficult to add colour without ruining the pinstripe pattern. Maybe you could throw in a bright bag or scarf. How do you like it? xx

H&M Crop Top
LE SPECS Sunnies
NO NAME Culottes


  1. I love everything about this outfit! Those culottes are amazing! x

  2. Richtig cooler Look, ich mag die Hose sehr!

  3. Ahhh die Culotte ist der Knaller! Sowas brauche ich auch ganz ganz dringend <3 Das sieht so gut aus - toller Look :)
    Liebe Grüße, Fiona

  4. Da hast du echt Glück. One-Size hat mir noch nie gepasst! Deshalb meide ich auch solche läden :)

    1. Ja das passt leider wirklich nur wenigen Europäern:/ Die Asiatinnen haben schon einen anderen Körper als wir.


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