Add holiday vibe to your home

Hi my dears, today I have my very first interior post for you and it's something special.

I moved to my new place almost three months ago and I must say I got it furnished and decorated pretty fast. What was missing were some pictures on the wall though so I was very happy to team up with Hello Sunday. Wall art is very important to a room, plus it shows your personality like nothing else in your place. I decided to go for a holiday/travel theme in black and white, because, well, I love traveling and like to surround myself with positive things that connect me with the world. Besides, the summer here in Germany doesn't deserve its name therefore it's nice to have a little bit of a holiday feeling in my home anyway.

The Dining Area

The key piece of the dining area are definitely the chairs. I didn't want to get the classic Eames chair (although they are beautiful) but a similar style. Most recently I purchased those sunny, yellow patterned cushions to add some colour to all the white furniture. Those on the other hand go very well with the golden "sun kissed" print that makes you wanna pack up your things and fly to a warm place by the ocean. As a second picture I chose abstract mountains because they remind me of my second home and many holidays in Switzerland. It's giving the corner some wideness and calmness at the same time.
I went for black frames for all of them, again to have some contrast against all the white and add some graphic structure.

The Living Room

For me the center piece (besides the couch because it's massive) is the rug. I really wanted a unique rug that brings some colour to all the grey and has a geometric pattern. It was a tough search to find one with colours that I liked because I'm very narrow minded here. Red - out. Orange - no way. Green - go home. Purple - really?! Therefore I was so excited when I found this one in grey and rose.
Another favorite piece of mine is the "less is more" print because it is a design principle that I like to stick to. Whether it is when designing clothes or decorating my flat, I try not to overdo it and leave space to breath. Also, this sentence fits the holiday theme because especially on holidays you should relax and see less as more: Less work, less stress, less responsibilities, less clothes, less technology...
The ultimate holiday feeling kicks in with this beautiful, minimalistic palm print.  Sitting on the sofa I can really imagine sitting under palm trees swaying in the wind, light breeze on my face. So relaxing! Looking at it now I think I should have gotten bigger sizes of most of these pictures so I'd advice you to to get the bigger one in case you are arguing about the format.

I'm sure your walls could need a make over too so feel free to browse through Hello Sunday's wide selection of prints and more! Bring the holiday vibe into your home!

* In lovely cooperation with Hello Sunday *


  1. Meine Güte du hast ein echtes Händchen für Einrichtungen :D
    Ich habe eben das so gar nicht, darum ist es bei mir auch eher chaotisch ...


  2. Euer Sofa sieht ja super gemütlich aus. Woher habt ihr das??

    Guten Wochenstart!!!
    ❥ Vicky | The Golden Bun - Instagram TGB 

    1. Danke Vicky:) Das ist dieses Sofa:

  3. Wow richtig rictig schön! <3
    Ich bin ganz hin und weg von deinem Gespür für Interior :)

    Liebst, Sarah von Belle Mélange

  4. Oh mein Gott, wie wundervoll du lebst :D Wie aus dem Katalog, mir wäre es etwas zu clean, da ich etwas chaotisch bin und überall Bücher herumliegen :D Aber vor allem der Essbereich, genau den würde ich mir so auch in die Wohnung stellen. Ich bin auch ganz begeistert von deiner Wohnung. Ein toller Schnitt

    Liebe Grüße


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