Pop of Red

Hi honeys, do you know those love-hate-relationships? You can of course have them with people, when you really care about them but they treat you badly or they do bad things; you can have them with food cause it tastes oh so good but makes you fat; and like me you can even have them with a colour: RED.

I don't like the colour red or shades of it because it's loud and annoying. On the other hand it suits me quite well because as you might have noticed I have a slight touch of red in my hair or let's say my hair is a warm blonde. 
This might sound pathetic but I also believe that we or especially bloggers adjust to the places they live in or travel to style vice because certain styles/colours just work with certain cities. You know, like all those bloggers traveling to Santorini now. They'd be stupid if the didnt wear blue! In the city I just moved to, many buildings are made of red (!!!) and beige sandstone (like in this post) so cold tones like blue simply don't look good with these backdrops. This annoyed me a little at first but now I'm just trying to go with it and, hey, maybe red will become my signature colour. 

The other day I was wearing a layered hanger top, my beloved high waist skirt, my little LV Pochetteround glasses and my new red (!) platform sandals.

How do you like it? Do you have a colour you don't like? xx

AMISU Top (similar here)
ZARA Skirt
H&M Sandals
RAY BAN Sunnies


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  1. Das Rot steht dir echt so gut - ich liebe aber auch deine LV Clutch! Ein toller Look von Kopf bis Fuß :)
    Liebe Grüße, Fiona THEDASHINGRIDER.com


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