Hi loves, what a weekend it was! My sister got married in Switzerland so the entire family came together to celebrate. It was actually the first wedding I attended ever, plus I was the maid of honour so very exciting. I was most nervous about my little speech but it went really well.
The wedding was close to perfect. My sister looked stunning in her dress, everyone had fun, the menu was delicious and the rain didn't bother us at all. 

The night before I went to Züri Fäscht, a huge festival around Lake Zürich and the old town, with some old and new friends. There were the most beautiful fireworks on the lake as well! It only takes place every 3 years but if you ever happen to be in Switzerland during that time, you must go. It's so fun!

Today's outfit is one of my favorites lately. The knit jacket was so cheap on sale, you wouldn't believe it, but it has the slight boho chic I like this summer. It-piece of the season is also the frayed hem jeans that I paired with some platform sandals here. xx

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