How to not look like a tourist while you travel

Particularly when being a blogger but also in general, one big trouble when traveling is the question: How do I not look like a dork? I mean, you can't take your entire closet, need to be practical and want to be comfortable when being out and walking all day. Still this is no excuse to be lazy about your looks.
You know those stereotype tourists with cargo shorts, T-Shirt, trekking shoes, camera and base cap, don't you? You don't wanna be one of them!!
If you ask me, best is if you are able to blend in and people believe you are a local. So how do I weaken those touristy characteristics?

1. Pace yourself
Practice traveling slow! Don't try to fit to many destinations / sights into a short amount of time, instead take more time to discover one place. This way you'll be able to walk slowly (hello, pretty shoes), won't stress-sweat and can freshen up in your hotel room before going out to dinner. You'll look much more relaxed and beautiful when you're not rushing from one thing to the next. Stroll around, go where locals go and you won't look so touristy.

2. Know Your Destination

Some styles and especially colours simply go wonderfully with certain places. Just think blue and white and Santorini or rusty red maxi dresses in Morocco! Therefore I like to google or use the Instagram search to check out places I'm going to visit to see which outfit might be suitable there. It makes such a difference, believe me.

3. Stay Hydrated
This is a no-brainer but I'm definitely a candidate who forgets to drink while exploring sights. I'm so "busy" taking everything in that I don't notice that I'm thirsty. After a while I feel tired and naggy though and I realize that I haven't drunken. Take breaks and drink at least 2 litres of water a day to feel relaxed and look beautiful instead of like this stressed tourist.

4. The Right Bag
Your bag is an essential if not the most important feature to make you look like a tourist, or not. Backpacks are a killer for women in my opinion except some stylish ones I tagged you here. For guys on the other hand I think it's totally fine to wear a backpack for example the popular ones from Herschel.

Much better than backpacks are cross-shoulder bags! Your hands are free and there are super cute ones that also have a good size for everything you need to bring while traveling - phone, wallet, documents, cream, lipstick, sunglasses. Bucket bags seem like an alternative at first but it's too easy for pick-pockets to get into them, so sorry!

5. Comfy & Stylish Shoes
Thank god, the sneaker trend does not come to an end. Only make sure not to wear sneakers that look like you could wear them for exercise otherwise you should be fine. Here some sneakers I really like currently.
Other than sneakers, flats and sandals are a great choice. I would pick sandals with a thick sole because your feet won't hurt too quickly.

6. Camera Gear
Hiding your camera gear is the hardest part. If you are not a photographer, blogger or other profession that really needs a SLR camera and those lenses, I'd actually advice you to leave them at home. There are such great compact cameras out there like the Olympus Pen. Plus, smartphones take awesome photos these days!
But if you want to bring your camera, you can "hide" it a little bit by making it pretty with accessories by Modstraps.

7. Multifunctional Dresses & Playsuits
In warm countries dresses are the best! They are extremely comfortable if you ask me, and also airy and chic if you pick the right one. I like to go with flowy beach style dresses or alternately I like wearing loose maxi dresses which are particularly nice for muslim or otherwise traditional/conservative countries.
You can dress them down during the day and up for a night out.

8. Jeans
Jeans are popular all around the world - whether it's Europe, America, Asia or anywhere else. Therefore pack a cool pair of (long) jeans and you won't stick out as tourist. Currently I love fringed and ripped ones.

9. Beauty
When I'm traveling, I sometimes get in the mood of "No one knows me here, why bother?!". That's alright, but if you want to look stylish on your vacation you should not get lazy about hygiene, doing your hair and putting on make up. I know, it takes up some valuable time you could spend on roaming another museum but remember point no. 1 about traveling slowly.
If you're traveling to a beach, beach hair spray is handy. You simply shower after you come out of the water, apply the spray, let your hair dry and it will look amazing. No need for blow drying, straightening or curling!



  1. Richtig tolle Tipps! :-)
    Will mir auch schon seit Ewigkeiten einen Rucksack für Reisen und so zulegen, hab aber noch keinen schönen gefunden gehabt bisher :-) Aber die, die du da vorschlägst sind Hammer! :-)

    xx Vie

  2. Tolle Tipps! Ich suche auch immernoch einen hübschen kleinen Rucksack :)
    Liebe Grüße, Mona

  3. Der Post gefällt mir sehr gut.
    Manchmal finde ich es gar nicht so schlimm wie ein Tourist auszusehen, bin ich ja auch. Das nervige sind ja immer nur die anderen Touristen...haha.

    Lg Anne


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