Summer Tweed

Hi loves, I've become such a small town babe in a way. There's no Zara, no Mango, no Cos and not to mention designer stores where I live now so when I went to Würzburg the other day I went a little crazy there. You can get used to this small world I'm living in now fast but I try not to get comfortable with the limited choices I have. I still want to shop at stores I like, eat exotic food from time to time and enjoy cultural events other than some beer fests. Good thing Frankfurt is not far away! I really want to keep up going there about every week in order not to loose touch with my inner city girl. That's just who I am. I feel so refreshed after coming back from a trip into the city like others might feel refreshed when they've been out in nature. 

One of my sale finds was this tweed coordinate obviously inspired by Chanel. Bows are totally back! You'll see a lot of them this upcoming autumn/winter. Just watch out, you have to wear this kind of look with the right attitude otherwise you might look too cutsie.

For this post I've been trying to do a little bit of a different layout as you'll see to make it visually more interesting. What do you think? Should I keep doing posts like these or just the plain old photos in a row?

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  1. Schönes Outfit, das Oberteil ist mir bei Zara auch aufgefallen. Die Brille steht dir übrigens sehr gut :)


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