Dubai Desert

Hi beauties, hope you're well! Dubai was the first stop of our trip. The city was  just what I expected - malls, skyscrapers, no street life, no cultural sights. I mean, being on top of Burj Khalifa was impressive because of its hight but the view revealed how faceless the city really is. Maybe I'd have to stay longer to experience Dubai's vibe, within two days it honestly didn't catch me.

What was really awesome though, was our hotel on the Palm (more in a separate post soon) and the Desert Safari we booked. You get picked up by your driver at whatever point in Dubai you like and he stays with you the entire time. First he will let you off at some touristy spots where they try to sell you souvenirs and a quad race before he drives into the desert in a group of jeeps. Dashing through the dunes was a little bit scary at first but after a while just so fun! 

Then he drove us to a nice dune for a photo stop where these photos were taken. Such a magical scenery! I had never experienced the desert before and I simply found it amazing how nature creates such beautiful things. Might sound funny but it also wasn't as hot in the desert as it was in the city. In the city and at the beach we just died in 45 degrees heat while it was pleasant there in the sand. Nevertheless no chance of doing your hair or putting on make up in such conditions;)

After sunset we were dropped off at a desert camp which was super touristy but still nice. There they offered camel riding, henna, hookahs, belly dancing, a fire-breathing show and a huge buffet. 

The desert tour was my favorite part of our stay in Dubai so would really recommend it if you happen to be there. xx


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  1. Wow, die Fotos sind wirklich super schön geworden! :)


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