Missoni Pattern

Hi sweeties, I'm queen of finding rip-offs at high street stores. Not that I look for them but I just see them hanging there. I mean, that's just how the fashion industry works. Haute couture and runway designers make something new and extraordinary while the cheaper brands get inspired by it (I wouldn't say copy it) and scale it down to their level of fashion. People who are not so much into fashion probably don't even notice.

My outfit has two pieces that were clearly directly inspired by designer brands. Can you guess which ones? Okay, the title of this post gives one away: The skirt in Missoni pattern. Missoni is an Italian luxury brand that is famous for their colourful knit ware, particularly with this zigzag that is now found on my 5 Euro  skirt (on sale!). 

The other piece is my bag recently found at Zara. It almost has the exact same buckle as the Gucci Dionysus that you see fashionistas wear on Instagram day in, day out.

I like buying designer pieces every ones in a while but often times I think, is it worth it? For bags definitely yes because you will wear them for years and decades if you invest in the right ones, but for clothes? I don't know. What do you think?


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