Island Life on Koh Tao

Hi babes, it's the third post from my trip to Asia today and we're finally in paradise! I mean, just look at the pictures! It was 3 weeks ago that we were there and I was just looking at all the photos now blown away by the beauty all over again.

We stayed on Koh Tao, an island on the East side of Thailand, in the Golf of Thailand. It is the farthest away from the mainland, further than Koh Samui and Koh Phangan. Therefore it's quite the journey to get there if it is your only destination and youre 're not on a roundtrip anyway. That in mind, I think you should at least stay for two weeks or, as most people do, do some island hopping to the surrounding islands.

We stayed at two different resorts on Koh Tao, first at Aminjirah and later at Sai Daeng Beach Resort, that I can both recommend.

Aminjirah is relatively small and has a familiar atmosphere. As most resorts it's made of small houses connected by trails and steps. We had booked the "mystery package" and ended up with the second-best room category, including a spectacular ocean view from the bed, a good size balcony and spacious bathroom. In the best category you'll have your own little pool and big loggia with hammock. Highlight of the Aminjirah is definitely the infinity pool right at the slope down to the ocean. Just look at the photos below;)
The only negative point was the breakfast which was very simple. Thai food was good.

We spent the other four nights on the other side of the island, at Sai Daeng Beach Resort. It is quite a big facility, actually the resort makes up almost all of the bay, but it was not crowded and didn't feel too touristy as the little villas are spread out. The hotel has its own beach where you can go snorkeling and kayaking for free and a pool with pool bar where you can get all your favorite drinks. The breakfast as well as the local and international food is really nice. Another highlight is the resort's own view point from where you can overlook the bay and the endless sea.
Very annoying was the wifi that was pretty complicated to use and often times didn't work at all.

Both hotels are not really in walking distance to the city center and night life area but they offer shuttle service or you can just take a taxi or even rent a scooter.

Thailand's islands are major diving hubs. In the city center there are countless diving schools offering different kinds of courses. I am not such a sports freak but we at least went snorkeling which was nice.

Other than that there is the famous view point on Koh Nang Yuan connected to Koh Tao by a sand bank that you have probably seen on Instagram more than once. You have to take a boat to the small private island and take quite a hike up to the top. Definitely a must! There are various other view points across the island too though that are worth checking out.

At least one of the nights you should go to one of the popular beaches and bays to watch the sunset. For instance, there's Sairee Beach (very touristy), Ao Tanot Bay and Jansom Bay.

What we enjoyed a lot during all of our stay in Thailand are massages. We had one almost every day. There are massage salons at every corner where you simply walk in and choose from Thai massage, neck & back massage, oil massage and many more. I usually had the Thai massage - a full body massage where the masseuse mainly uses her elbows and forearms. Sometimes the use their feet too and walk on your back. We experienced different qualities as the staff is not as much trained as in Germany but I didn't have the feeling that they would harm your health.

Good To Know
Not everything during our trip went as planned. Mostly because we thought it would be easy to travel around as so many backpackers go there - and that is actually the point. Too many tourists are traveling around Thailand so that you really should book all your fares and hotels/hostels in advance. While we were there (August) it was not possible to be spontaneous and book a boat/train/hotel short notice. Such a shame!

Wifi is really bad in Thailand. You have to fill out huge forms including revealing your passport number and then often times it still doesn't work properly. So if you are in Thailand for a couple of weeks I would recommend you get a local sim card.



  1. Love the photos - especially the ones with the infinity pool! <3
    Looks like you had a great time in Thailand!

  2. I LOVE IT ! <3 Really amazing, sounds like a lovely journey :>
    All the best,
    Josi ;*

  3. Thailand is awesome! I spent 3 weeks there travelling arround with my boyfriend. We missed visiting koh tao, but spent a few days on koh phangan and koh samui.
    Koh tao seems to be really beautiful.



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