Why You Should wear more Pink

Total look by MARC CAIN
Jacket | Pants | Top | Hat | Scarf | Gloves | Pumps 

Hey sweeties, today's outfit is pink, very pink. When I first put it on I thought, omg you look like a total girly girl. But then I realized that this thought is so pathetic because since when can a colour change your personality? 

I've been torn when it comes to the colour pink for a while now. I used to wear it a lot because I simply love pink and the soft shade suits my light skin very well but then I stopped because I wanted to look more mature. Believe it or not I still have to show my ID often when I want to get into a club and when I ask people what they think how old I am the answer is usually something like 20 (I'm turning 26 soon!). Not sure what it is about me that comes across so young but it annoys me sometimes although I should take it as a compliment. Therefore I try to dress a little less girly most of the time.

But where does this assumption come from anyway? I mean, "Pink = Little girl". Let me tell you. The pink phenomenon was made up and massively promoted by marketers so they can sell more stuff. Do you think your boyfriend would use your shower lotion in a pink packaging? Right, he wouldn't. So he needs his own. Whoopsie, two shower lotions sold. 

I didn't want to get so serious in this post but the more I think about what they've done to the beautiful colour pink the more angry I get. Maybe I should be more confident and just wear pink more often again! Society needs to understand that pink is not only a colour for little girls and grandmas but also for grown women! (And boys, too, by the way.);) It's not a sign of vulnerability or weakness or even foolishness. A woman in pink can be smart and strong as everyone else. Amen!

** In lovely collaboration with MARC CAIN **



  1. Du siehst so toll aus! Der ganze Look und die Farben sind super toll! :-*

    Melanie / www.goldzeitblog.blogspot.de

  2. You look fine in pink. The makeup in the top photo is exquisite. I prefer the distant photo with you walking because it blends well with the backdrop. Best portrait is the three-quarter with you seated. Your hair obscures your face in the other. Not a bad color for you, but I think I prefer the more sophisticated look. Probably because of age. Have you tried European Goth? Would probably cost you a million viewers and set back any fashion contracts but you could always blame it on All-Hallows.


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