Christmas Market

Hey cutiepies, how’s your Christmas spirit coming? Mine is really rising this week as I finally added a little bit of Christmas decoration to my home, am planning a cookie baking day for Sunday and visited our local Christmas market in Aschaffenburg last weekend.

It’s a small one but has a nice scenery with the castle in the background. Most important is a good muled wine anyway;) My fav is the one with a shot of Amaretto. Delicious and warming! For food I was recommended „Dinnerle“ which is a flat bread with different toppings. I tried the classic onion & bacon one and it was very yummy. The line for the Dinnerle booth is always extremely long so keep that in mind when planning your visit.

For a look I tried to stay casual and somewhat warm. I found this super cute ruffled sweater at Zara while I was waiting for my flight home from Hong Kong. Saw it, fell in love and bought! As accessories I added my knitted head band, fishnet tights under my ripped jeans and those Gucci slippers. My shoes were talk of the town that day! Literally everyone walking past me looked down at my feet and some started talking about my shoes. Too much for a smalltown maybe...

In these moments I sometimes feel like in alien here. In cities like Berlin or London most people wouldn’t care/notice and others would know and appreciate how cool these slippers are. Here I sometimes feel misunderstood but this won’t stop me from wearing what I like! xx



  1. Ein toller Look! Mir gefallen Stirnband und Pulli total gut! ich habe die Slipper mit Rosenprint und finde sie richtig klasse :-*

    Melanie /

  2. Aschaffenburg! Ich war dort letztes Jahr am Weihnachtsmarkt... Hoffentlich klappt es dieses Jahr auch.
    Sehr schöne Fotos!


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